Commercial Brokerage

Since 1998, we have helped clients execute 1250 leases equaling 3,279,424 square feet with rents totaling over $309,201,075.

Plus we’ve sold $195,039,823 of commercial property.

Commercial Brokerage Services: We close more deals by working with local businesses and landlords in our markets. Our focused attention will get you better results—faster.

Find the space you’re looking for.

Pyramid Real Estate Group makes real estate easier for our clients. We provide a full suite of real estate services to our clients in the Fairfield and Westchester markets. These services include: property management, maintenance & construction and commercial & residential brokerage. Single Family Home, Community & Commercial Property Management – one call convenience for accounting, management & 24/7 maintenance – let our team handle the hassles of operating your property so you don’t have to. Maintenance & Construction – We handle 24/7 emergency service, carpentry, plumbing, HVAC repairs. We help clients renovate their buildings and build out tenant spaces. Commercial Brokerage for Tenants – looking to renegotiate your lease or move to a new location – let us do the work for you. Commercial Brokerage for Landlords – focused attention fills vacancies – our team will knock themselves out for you.


“Recognized as a Top Leasing Firm in Fairfield & Westchester County”


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