Getting to Know Rising Starr Horse Rescue ~ Peter Gray

Rising Starr Horse Rescue in Wilton Connecticut rescues horses from kill pens and other terrible situations, lovingly rehabilitate these gentle animals, and help them to live meaningful lives with dignity.

Much of the care and labor is provided by volunteers in the community by riders and non-riders alike.

I was introduced to Rising Starr by my 9-year-old daughter, Willow Gray. Willow was introduced to Rising Starr by one of her favorite adults who knows how much Willow loves these animals.

She was encouraged to read books to the horses, bring a musical instrument and play for the horses (which we have done), and of course to schedule lessons to ride the horses if she wished. Not only was this bonding and the exercise for both animal and rider good for everyone involved (we count horses as people too) it helped Willow process the disappointment and loss in her life related to the divorce of her mother and me.

With the divorce, there was a lot of trauma and hurt, and pain, and loss of friends and the life she knew. Who could possibly understand her pain better than the animals at Rising Starr?

They have faced the same disappointments, losses, traumas, and more.

I believe that Rising Starr is a very special place where a person is invited to heal by giving, caring, loving, volunteering, and even sponsoring a horse in need. I think this is very special and I believe that you will too.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to introduce you to something that has been so special in our lives.

Get to know Peter Gray

What better way to get to know someone than by getting to know what they care about? Peter Gray is a caring father that cares about the work being done by Rising Starr Horse Rescue. You can also find Peter at the Pyramid Real Estate Group  a full-service real estate company that offers one point of contact for client’s property needs.

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