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2016 Year End Condo Pyramid Newsletter

2016 Year End Condo Pyramid Newsletter

Condo Board Training Session Part 2

Attorney Lisa Anderson will be the guest speaker at Pyramid Real Estate Group’s Condo Board Training session on Nov. 3 from 4:30 to 7 p.m. at the Stamford Branch of the University of Connecticut. Anderson, partner in Bender, Anderson and Barba PC, will discuss how to run board meetings, dealing with difficult board members and […]

Condo Board Training

Pyramid Real Estate Group has teamed up with the Community Association Institute to provide condominium board members with the information they need to better serve residents of their complexes. Working with the CAI, Pyramid will host a Basic Course for Community Association Operations on Sept. 24 from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in Room A-2 […]

Why Other Management Companies Mess Up Your Payment Date

You get labeled as a delinquent payer, you incur late fees and you have to take extra time each month to call your management company and get your late fee reversed.  Why the bother?  Do some management companies’ side step this nuisance for their clients?  You bet. We suffered with this issue a few years […]

Feedback Packing – Customer’s Opinions Promote Change

Measuring Customer Satisfaction is Critical Once a year we send out a simple survey to our property management clients – asking board members how they would rate various services we offer on a scale of 1 – 10 – ten being the highest score and our goal.  We started doing this in 2010. We use […]

Knowing is Half the Battle

Embezzlement of funds has always been a concern for condominium associations across Connecticut. The sentencing in January of a former comptroller of a Westport property management company who was charged with embezzling $108,000 from condominium associations while working at a provider of management services to condominium associations, should be a lesson to condo boards across […]

GE They Bring Good Things…Out of Connecticut

UPDATE: Word has it that GE will move to Boston.  Will they donate their office campus to Sacred Heart for a tax write off?  Stay tuned, we will continue following this story. GE has not announced whether it will keep its headquarters in Fairfield or move elsewhere, but various publications have said Atlanta is emerging […]

Less is More

A large portfolio of properties under management is not always an indication of top performance. Sometimes, it can cause stress for property managers and poor results. Managers at Pyramid work on average with half the properties as the competition, allowing them to devote more time and attention to clients’ properties. It’s like sending children to […]

For All the Snowbirds Flying South for the Winter

With freezing weather coming to many areas soon – vacant properties NEED a property manager. Have peace of mind while you are away for long periods of time for the winter or do you own a second home – houses sitting vacant need monitoring to avoid costly water damage. Several vacant properties last year  suffered […]

Call to Action – Live Service

Superior customer service is crucial for the success of any business but especially a service business. Understanding the necessity to quickly respond to callers’ needs and provide service as soon as possible, Pyramid Real Estate Group employs two staff members in high-volume call areas, including accounts receivable, property management and maintenance. This redundant staffing costs […]