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Why Some Brands Can Stand Alone

This is an age-old question with ever-changing answers. We know how important this is to our commercial customers and think this article is a good overview of the situation. Download Why Some Brands Can Stand Alone (PDF) now!

Start-to-Finish Remodels Made Easy

Situation: Doug Bross, President-Director of Riverside Realty needed a commercial ‘fit out’ (floors, ceiling, conference room, & kitchen) for a new tenant. Solution: Pyramid remodeled the entire space, handling the project from start to finish. Results: “We appreciate everything you’ve done thus far- and everyone has been very impressed. As you probably know what field […]

Five Powerful But Simple Steps to Energy Efficiency

Turn off the juice when not in use Control your thermostat Switch to compact florescent light bulbs Wash your laundry in cold water and use a clothes line to dry when possible Look for the ENERGY STAR label

Multi-Task Management on a Fixed Budget

Problem: Management of Multiple Tasks – Fixed Budget. Harvest Commons Association, an 82 Unit Condo community in Westport couldn’t find a mgmt company that could handle all their needs on a fixed budget. Need: A full-service property mgmt company to handle multiple tasks (5 key services) for one monthly fee to get greater control of […]

In house management vs. a third party manager

What is the most effective AND efficient way to manage property? Is it more effective to manage property in house or to sub it out to a management company? It is important to look at how we conduct business from time to time. How we did business in the past may not be optimal today, […]