Smart Notice to Stay In Touch

Pyramid Real Estate Group is making it easier and quicker to communicate with its clients through the implementation of its new Smart Notice online technology.
Developed by ECN Network, Smart Notice allows Pyramid to call multiple telephone numbers, send text messages and emails when there is a need to quickly distribute a notice involving a property managed by the company.

It can be used to notify residents if water service to a property has to be shut off to fix a plumbing leak, remind residents about an important meeting or any other matter requiring short notice.

Seeing the opportunity to improve interaction between Pyramid and clients, Craig Leppla, Pyramid’s community association manager, recommended that the company adopt the technology.
Leppla said he was impressed by the Smart Notice’s ease of use, commenting that both staff and clients have become enthusiastic users and citing notices about a paving project or landscape chemical applications as examples.
“It reaches people very quickly,” Leppla said.

Smart Notice has been implemented through the guidance of Joe Coscarelli, IT Administrator for Pyramid.