Why PRG?


PRG is a full service restaurant brokerage firm, dealing solely and exclusively in the brokerage of Restaurant/Bar Leases and Acquisitions. PRG’s services also include expert witness testimony involving Restaurant/Landlord disputes and Restaurant Partnership disputes.

Over the past ten years we have personally brokered and successfully negotiated approximately $18,000,000 worth of Restaurant Leases and Acquisitions, and my active Restaurant Buyer/Tenant list continues to grow on a weekly basis; especially for recently shuttered restaurant locations.

Why PRG?

Simply put, when it comes to filling a large vacated restaurant space; there is a great deal of difference between a typical commercial brokerage dealing primarily in office and retail tenancy verses a certifiable commercial brokerage dealing exclusively in restaurant leases and sales. For instance:

1.   Does a typical commercial broker have a large data base of pre-vetted qualified prospective restaurant tenants ready to make a move on your property? PRG Does.

2.   Does a typical commercial broker have the experience it takes  in dealing with savvy, no nonsense, hard- core restaurateurs, who in most cases, will most assuredly present him/her self with a negative attitude towards the offering, no matter how great that offering may be, and can the broker quickly and correctly counter that negativity with facts?  PRG Can.

3.   Does the typical commercial broker know if the old current restaurant build-out and kitchen equipment is still code compliant according to local Health & Fire Departments’ compliancy regulations?  PRG Knows.

4.   Does the typical commercial broker have any experience in, or knowledge of State of Connecticut Liquor Licensing Laws and Regulations, and the process of applying for a new Liquor Permit, “i.e.” time frame of approval for an initial provisional permit, or the difference between a Café Liquor Permit and a standard Restaurant Liquor Permit?  PRG Certainly Does.

5.   Does the typical commercial broker have the ability to differentiate effective marketing techniques of a large vacated restaurant space from a 1500 S/F office space, thinking that by simply placing the restaurant deal on LoopNet will achieve the same results as a small office deal might?  PRG did.

That’s why PRG.

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