For All the Snowbirds Flying South for the Winter

With freezing weather coming to many areas soon – vacant properties NEED a property manager.

Have peace of mind while you are away for long periods of time for the winter or do you own a second home – houses sitting vacant need monitoring to avoid costly water damage.

Several vacant properties last year  suffered water damage from frozen pipes.  One of the properties was a newly constructed townhouse that was vacant – although neighboring units were occupied and heated.  There were water pipes in the attic that froze as a result of a developer leaving the heat off on an unsold unit.  Another property was vacated – in the foreclosure process – and there was no heat.

These costly problems could have been avoided by having a property manager manage those vacant units.

As part of this program, we use a vacant home checklist – to help prevent such costly problems from occurring with our clients.

Frozen Pipe

Some of the items on our checklist:

Put your thermostat at 45-50 degrees.

Open all cabinet / vanity doors under sinks – the piping is on an outside wall and the warmer air from inside needs to reach those pipes to prevent freezing.

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