Membership Comes with Benefits


Working exclusively with a commercial real estate broker can literally pay dividends for a business owner.

Having a team of brokers from Pyramid Real Estate Group to represent business owners puts them on the same level of the owner of a property in terms of supplying market data.

Pyramid brokers are a focused resource for them – so they can stay focused on running their business.

Engaging a single representative contractually establishes relationship of trust and integrity. The broker is solely responsible and accountable to tenants, becoming their advocate.

In 90 percent of cases, fees are paid out of the listing agent’s commission (by the landlord) so there is no fee to the tenant.

Tenants can see the market more comprehensively than they would by just searching online – brokers have access to the commercial CMLSCoStar – and know of spaces that are not on market but may be coming on soon.

Lastly brokers are paid by commission – so they will spend more time working with someone who is serious enough to sign up with them and  make a commitment.

By Connecticut state law, Pyramid brokers can show only Pyramid listings if a tenant is not a signed up client. When businesses sign up as a client, Pyramid can show them more properties that are in the market.

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