Call to Action – Live Service

Superior customer service is crucial for the success of any business but especially a service business.

Understanding the necessity to quickly respond to callers’ needs and provide service as soon as possible, Pyramid Real Estate Group employs two staff members in high-volume call areas, including accounts receivable, property management and maintenance.

This redundant staffing costs the business more money but greatly improves the outcome that callers will get a live response, despite multiple callers calling at the same time or a staff member taking a lunch break or sick day.



The Accounts Receivable Department answers condo owners & tenant questions regarding common charge and rent bills, and keep track of payments made online by ACH or by a credit card.



The Management Department helps condo owners and tenants with general management questions and helps condo owners with lender questionnaires and resale certificates.



The Maintenance Department answers callers with emergencies or helps them undertake energy efficiency projects, remodeling projects or repair or replace heating, air conditioning and plumbing systems.



Pyramid Real Estate Group knows without customers there is no business, going above and beyond and taking that extra step is what we always strive to do.