Brokers Broker, It’s What They Do

Working with Pyramid Real Estate Group, Los Ninos Services Inc., was able to renew its lease for 10,000 square feet at 503 Grasslands Road in Valhalla, N.Y.

Los Ninos signed the lease renewal with 503 Sprain Brook Co.


Roger Ludwig

The agreement, at a below market rate, includes tenant improvements. Los Ninos was represented by broker Roger Ludwig and the late Gerard Hallock.


Gerard Hallock

Savings in the lease renewal are a result of Pyramid’s tenant representation services, which makes its scrutiny of market rates a key component of its negotiations.

Los Ninos was able to stay at its current location and got a much better deal than the landlord offered – saving about $40,000/year over 10 years.

The broker helps the tenant analyze vacancies in the market and tour potential relocation sites.

Then Pyramid does a lease comparison matrix showing the savings, pros and cons of the competing spaces to help the tenant make the best decision.

The relationship with Pyramid allows the client to focus on its business while helping to negotiate the best deal with the landlord.