Helping Condo And Home Owners With Residential Property Sales

Problem A

Joe Mancini’s 1,150 sq ft, 2 bedroom, 2 bath beachfront condo in E. Haven was on the market for a year with no takers. In fact Joe pulled it off the market due to low bids.


Pyramid broker, Mark Liberman, advised Joe that they should market his condo in lower Connecticut as a second or leisure beachfront home. “Because we’re a management company we’re so familiar with the properties that there’s no learning curve and we can hit the ground running,” says Mark.


Mark helped Joe Mancini sell his condo for the asking price in just 4 months. “Mark did an excellent job of marketing to get it sold,” says Joe.

Problem B

Wes Lang-Rodean and his wife needed to repair their 2-bedroom condo on North St. in Stamford in order to bring it to market but lived 2.5 hours north of Stamford.


“Mark got us out of a bind,” says Wes. “He was the only one who was willing to take it on.” Pyramid took on the repairs and sale of the property, offering them a turnkey solution. “It was a seamless operation,” says Wes.


The property sold almost immediately and for better than asking price.

How we did it…

  • Experts in selling condominiums We know condos better than anyone! Pyramid manages 2,000 condos all over southwestern CT.
  • Communicate your condo features As a property management and realty company Pyramid can help market your community’s special features and answer buyer’s condominium questions better than other brokers – increasing the likelihood of the sale of your condo versus a single family house.
  • Handholding…We walk sellers through the sale process from valuation, improving the curb appeal, staging your condominium’s interior and how to handle offers and counter offers.
  • Help expedite the sale from the resale certificate process to closing.
  • Pyramid offers a reduced commission of 4.5% to management clients.